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Although hair removal with hot wax, waxing, is one of the most ancient and tested methods of depilation, in Italy it is difficult to find beauty institutes that carry it out and even more difficult it is to find specialized centers dedicated exclusively to depilation.

Normally, in fact, the few institutes that perform hot wax hair removal services also carry out other beauty treatments, with long waiting times and lack of attention to the specific waxing technique. For you, the exclusive honey-based wax that makes the skin smooth and velvety, reduces pain and reduces redness and itching of the skin.

We are proud to say that SUGARWAX is the first Italian reality where finally, thanks to our "Sugarine's" hair removal, the professional-technical hair removal, you can also enter in Milan to try the exclusive Ipanema waxing!


The depilated body and smooth skin have always been synonymous with sensuality and beauty

Hair removal can be performed with various methods. The most common, since ancient times, is hair removal with hot wax, waxing.

The hot wax without strips, in fact, guarantees the deepest removal of the hair, leaves the skin smooth for several weeks and is the most delicate thanks to the hydration provided by the honey. With hot wax it is normal to find yourself with a thinner and softer regrowth.

SUGARWAX offers professional hot wax hair removal for women and men. Our wax is natural and contains beeswax for 75% of its composition. It is therefore particularly suitable for a thorough hair removal of all parts of the body.

The particular formulation of our wax allows the application at a temperature slightly higher than the body temperature, it is pleasant on the skin and, by slightly opening the pores it allows the elimination of the bulb as well as the hair and the hair removal is therefore easier and longer lasting.

Our beeswax wax leaves your skin soft and velvety without irritation both because the tear is softer and because the skin is hydrated. Our " Sugarine's '', professional-technical hair removal techniques, have been trained with over 150 hours of training by a Brazilian teacher expert specifically in hot wax training to provide you with the best hair removal experience. In SUGARWAX you find maximum hygiene in all stages of waxing: from preparation to application with disposable materials only.